Horizont Group

We use our imagination
for planning.
We provide expertise.
We make it a great experience.

02 / 08


Protocol events

Even a protocol event can be loaded with EXPERIENCES.

Partner meetings

Shared EXPERIENCES make partnerships closer.

Product demonstrations

Demonstrate your product IN A COLORFUL WAY.


SPICE UP your dull meetings a little bit.

Team builders

EXPERIENCES that will be great to remember on boring work days.

Motivational speeches

Both you and your clients will ENJOY a good speech.

Inaugurations of buildings

Because journalists also like to share EXPERIENCES with the public.

PR events

If you add SOME SPICE to it, everybody will talk about your brand.

Special needs

We will transform every idea into an EXPERIENCE.

03 / 08

The Team

A dictionary is the only place where results precede work.

HELLO. Meet us.


  • Varga Péter

  • Taba Zsuzsa

  • Póós Kata

  • Juhász Gergely

  • Adorján Éva

  • Kovács Gabriella

04 / 08


Even our basic kit contains a lot of extra features.

A bit of this of, a bit of that, this is how the ultimate result will be perfect.


90%Creativity (+10% you)
25%Stage fright


05 / 08


How to organize a colorful creative event?

How to organize  
a colorful creative event?

You can learn it from our book containing examples of events organized in Hungary. This is a high-level collection of the experience gained in event organization during 15 years, with useful tips and practical materials. In this Bible of events, communication experts and company managers, as well as decision-makers may find answers to their questions. The book is a fundamental knowledge base. If you would like to find out more about the latest trends in, and news on event management, we recommend that you follow our latest blog entries on www.rendezvénybiblia.hu.







07 / 08

About Us

High standard experience management

A client expects experiences.

We can guarantee the success of every event if we realize that the organization of events is not the only thing that we need. The situation is that a client excepts experiences. It is based on this recognition that we developed the strategy for providing the best user’s experience to our clients. Be it a large-scale conference, a gala event, a product description, a fashion show, or an exhibition, we will spice it up, we will organize it by relying on the relevant expertise, and we will transform it into an adventure.

This is our creed.